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Investor Relations Program

The Investor Relations is a strategic, executive function of corporate management.  It combines the disciplines of marketing, finance and communication to provide present and potential investors with an accurate portrayal of the Company's performance and prospects.  It aims to preserve and enhance the Company's credibility while positively affecting the Company's value relative to that of the over-all market and cost of capital.

Its responsibilities include the development and maintenance of its leadership image in the industry.

It aims to promote sustained investor interest in the company's stock (a. Valuation; b. Liquidity and c. Access to capital markets).  It also ensures consistency and strengthens the credibility of the communications of each company in the Group by highlighting their successes and how the STI Holdings is instrumental in helping the companies under its umbrella, flourish.

The company reaches out to all shareholders and the broader investor community as well by completely informing them of corporate activities and the formulation of clear policy for accurate, effective and sufficient communication.

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